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Doctor Who rewatch thoughts

In case anyone where is interested, here are some random thoughts and observations from the Doctor Who rewatch I've been doing this summer:

Series 1
Series 2 & 3

(for the record, these are the thoughts of someone who for 10 years was a casual viewer who watched the show despite the Doctor and then suddenly a few months ago became a "proper" fan who watched the show *because* of the Doctor)
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Belated Meta/Reviews for Episodes 4&5

I remain behind on everything so many of life's sundries at the minute, and am still time-shifting all viewing.

Fingers crossed I am getting back into the knack of meta/reviewing. As before, I am sticking these up on AO3. If you're interested they are here: Knock Knock & Oxygen.

Thank you.

Comments are always welcome. Replies to those may also be a tad belated.
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Belated Meta/Reviews for Episodes 1-3

I am behind on everything at the minute, and only had a chance to see Knock, Knock earlier today!

I am though slowly getting back into the knack of meta/reviewing and, as I'm not blogging at the moment, I'm sticking these up on AO3. If you're interested they are here: The Pilot, Smile, & Thin Ice.

Thanks. Comments are always welcome...

The Madwoman in the Basement (ramblings/meta)

It doesn't seem like anybody's posted any meta here in awhile, but in the interest of supporting the growth of Who fandom on DW, thought I would link you all to my (slightly sketchy and unpolished--my apologies) musings on Knock Knock:

Madwoman in the Attic Basement

Warning: hardcore literary geekery ahead, including discussion of Knock Knock as a gothic novel, a comparison of Moffat To T.S. Eliot, and an analysis of how a popular supposition of who's in the vault would fit into the show's symbolism.
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The Pilot: Bill

This is a post  analysing Bill's character in all my slightly interesting quotes in the episode. I would like to thank Chakoteya transcripts, and also you, for your patience.

Spoilers! Also, length. )
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A short revelation about "A Town Called Mercy"

A really short piece about a minor character from that episode at my journal.
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Perfect song for an Amy/Rory fanvid

I just realized what would be the perfect song for an Amy/Rory fanvid: My Funny Valentine by Rodgers and Hart

My funny Valentine
Sweet comic Valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable, unphotographable
Yet you're my favorite work of art

Is your figure less than Greek?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak, are you smart?

But don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little Valentine, stay
Each day is Valentine's Day

That is their song, y/y?
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Fanzine:- Whotopia Issue 21


Including tributes to Nicholas Courtney from two of the fanzine's writers and tributes to Sarah Jane Smith by four of the fanzine's writers including myself. (Mine is the one on pages 23 to 26)

Other Main Features in this issue )

Download Whotopia Issue 21 Free From the Whotopia Website

Past issues
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Doctor's Wife - Disturbing Realization - Spoilers

So I just realized something that I haven't seen anyone mention anywhere:

Spoilers )

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Favourite Arcs/Episodes?

Hi :) I'm skybard over at LJ, and I'm new here. ^.^ Well, we've had a poll to ask about which Doctors we're fondest of, but what about our favourite episodes or story-arcs? 8) Mine are-

First Doctor; The Tenth Planet (I <3 the Old!Old!School Cybermen the most. They were the creepiest, imho.)

Second Doctor; Tomb of the Cybermen (my first ever Old!School Doctor Who, watched gleefully on YouTube over a bowl of popcorn) and The Mind Robber (it's an episode about books and book characters and Jamie being adorable, what's not to love?)

Fourth Doctor; City of Doom (it was written by Douglas Adams and it had Romana and Four being lovely in it) and Full Circle (first Adric episode, and damnit, I liked Adric).

Fifth Doctor; Kinda (because it was mad), Mawdryn Undead/Terminus/Enlightenment (Turlough <3) and Warriors of the Deep (Five's face still makes me tear up somewhat).

Sixth Doctor; Can I say all of them? No? :( Well...Timelash (H. G. Wells!) and The Two Doctors (Two and Jamie and Six and Peri. It's WIN. Also the first ep I bought on DVD. ^.^)

Seventh Doctor; The Happiness Patrol (guest-starring Fred Bertie Bassett...) and Remembrance of the Daleks (so many references to Old!School and the 60's in general. :3)

What about you guys?
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I wanted to tell you all about my marvellous Easter Egg. I am allergic to chocolate, you see, which means that Easter is my least favourite holiday, being almost totally chocolate-based as it is. My lovely lovely friend Alex (and his partner Richard and their fluffy Elephant Millennium) took pity on me for this and sent me fantastic Who-based pressies as an Easter Egg substitute.

I am therefore now the proud owner of a Sixth Doctor dolly Action Figure and a signed copy of Attack of the Cybersecks! YAY!

Did anyone else get any Who-based easter things?

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