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What up, people! I'm recently started an account here on Dreamwidth because of the recent failings over at LJ.

A fan of Doctor Who since 2007, I'm only versed in the new series. My favorite Doctor is the Ninth Doctor and my favorite companion is Donna Noble; but my all-time New Series character is the Human Tenth Doctor, who I will be writing about alot. I am currently looking for Doctor Who communities that I may join. Any suggestions would be wonderful!

Here's a helpful fact sheet about me:

Name: jedimasterstar
Favorite Doctor Who character(s): Human Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Donna Noble, Tenth Doctor, Wilf Mott, Martha Jones, Jackie Tyler
Favorite Doctor Who ship(s): Human Doctor/OC (I feel like I am in a minority with this one), Ten/Martha. Jackie/Pete
Other Fandom(s): Iron Man, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Highlander, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings (to name a few)
Other Interests: just reading, writing, and attending college
What people can expect to find in your journal: fanfic stories, some life updates, and anything else I can think of.
Anything else: Like I said, I am writing about the Human Tenth Doctor. I also write original characters. So beware...

And for a link to my stories, it is here.

The stories pertaining to the Human Doctor are:
"A New Path"
"Humanity and a Job"
"The Start of Something New"

It's a small part that is tied into a bigger universe. The other fandoms that are going to be covered in the universe are CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Iron Man, and maybe some incursions in James Bond (Daniel Craig-era), Tomb Raider (movie-verse), and anything else I think I can right in.  You are more than welcome to read the other stories.  I encourage it!

I also have a fic pertaining to the Master called "Moonlit Serenade" if anyone wants to read that.
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In honor of the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth fest, I figured a good old fashioned Doctor Who Friending/Subscription Meme was in order. Because Doctor Who is pretty awesome and there should be more sharing of the Doctor Who squee!

Doctor Who Friending/Subscription Meme

So please come on over and join in the fun and find some new people who love Doctor Who too!
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Hi :) I'm skybard over at LJ, and I'm new here. ^.^ Well, we've had a poll to ask about which Doctors we're fondest of, but what about our favourite episodes or story-arcs? 8) Mine are-

First Doctor; The Tenth Planet (I <3 the Old!Old!School Cybermen the most. They were the creepiest, imho.)

Second Doctor; Tomb of the Cybermen (my first ever Old!School Doctor Who, watched gleefully on YouTube over a bowl of popcorn) and The Mind Robber (it's an episode about books and book characters and Jamie being adorable, what's not to love?)

Fourth Doctor; City of Doom (it was written by Douglas Adams and it had Romana and Four being lovely in it) and Full Circle (first Adric episode, and damnit, I liked Adric).

Fifth Doctor; Kinda (because it was mad), Mawdryn Undead/Terminus/Enlightenment (Turlough <3) and Warriors of the Deep (Five's face still makes me tear up somewhat).

Sixth Doctor; Can I say all of them? No? :( Well...Timelash (H. G. Wells!) and The Two Doctors (Two and Jamie and Six and Peri. It's WIN. Also the first ep I bought on DVD. ^.^)

Seventh Doctor; The Happiness Patrol (guest-starring Fred Bertie Bassett...) and Remembrance of the Daleks (so many references to Old!School and the 60's in general. :3)

What about you guys?
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