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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 07:50pm on 15/07/2009 under ,
Hi :) I'm skybard over at LJ, and I'm new here. ^.^ Well, we've had a poll to ask about which Doctors we're fondest of, but what about our favourite episodes or story-arcs? 8) Mine are-

First Doctor; The Tenth Planet (I <3 the Old!Old!School Cybermen the most. They were the creepiest, imho.)

Second Doctor; Tomb of the Cybermen (my first ever Old!School Doctor Who, watched gleefully on YouTube over a bowl of popcorn) and The Mind Robber (it's an episode about books and book characters and Jamie being adorable, what's not to love?)

Fourth Doctor; City of Doom (it was written by Douglas Adams and it had Romana and Four being lovely in it) and Full Circle (first Adric episode, and damnit, I liked Adric).

Fifth Doctor; Kinda (because it was mad), Mawdryn Undead/Terminus/Enlightenment (Turlough <3) and Warriors of the Deep (Five's face still makes me tear up somewhat).

Sixth Doctor; Can I say all of them? No? :( Well...Timelash (H. G. Wells!) and The Two Doctors (Two and Jamie and Six and Peri. It's WIN. Also the first ep I bought on DVD. ^.^)

Seventh Doctor; The Happiness Patrol (guest-starring Fred Bertie Bassett...) and Remembrance of the Daleks (so many references to Old!School and the 60's in general. :3)

What about you guys?
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posted by [identity profile] at 07:49pm on 15/07/2009
You like Adric *and* Warriors Of The Deep *and* Timelash *and* The Happiness Patrol?! You officially have the strangest taste of any fan ever...

For the record, mine are:
First Doctor - An Unearthly Child, The Romans, Tenth Planet
Second - Tomb, Invasion, War Games
Third - Time Warrior, Inferno, Green Death
Fourth - Weng-Chiang, City Of Death, Logopolis
Fifth - Castrovalva, Five Doctors (crap, but entertaining crap), Androzani
Sixth - Two Doctors, Vengeance On Varos, Revelation
Seventh - Remembrance, Ghostlight, Fenric
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 07:57pm on 15/07/2009
You like Adric *and* Warriors Of The Deep *and* Timelash *and* The Happiness Patrol?! You officially have the strangest taste of any fan ever...

Yes, I am aware of this .__. I always seem to like whatever other people don't like in a fandom, heh.

Five Doctors (crap, but entertaining crap)

I love The Five Doctors. I got the parentals to watch it a while ago, and when it was over they sat there whilst I explained to them just wtf happened. :D (This was payback for them convincing me the Doctor Who Movie was good when I was a youngling fan...)
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posted by [personal profile] valentinite at 11:44pm on 15/07/2009
These change with my mood, but:

First: Reign of Terror I usually don't like the historicals, but I loved this one.
Second: Invasion I don't care if it's eight episodes long; it's gorgeous and atmosphere and has Jamie and Zoe and UNIT and Zoe's photographer girlfriend. Plus bonus animation, now.
Third: The Mind of Evil Roger Delgado is amazing and Jo gets to be useful.
Fourth: Genesis of the Daleks I like Tom Baker better when he's being serious. Plus SJS and Harry.
Fifth: Enlightenment So. Pretty.
Sixth: Terror of the Vervoids unless I can count Big Finish I actually like Mel, and she's GOOD in this.
Seventh: oh god I have to pick only one? Curse of Fenric There's only one McCoy ep I dislike (that would be Time and the Rani, mostly), but Curse is the one that appeals most today.
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 08:54am on 16/07/2009
Enlightenment is beautiful. <3

And I like Mel too. Especially considering Bonnie Langford also played my favourite cat (Rumpleteazer) in Cats: The Musical at some point. ;D
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posted by [personal profile] evilawyer at 04:38am on 16/07/2009
The Mind Robber was fantastic! I love the looks on Two's and Jamie's and Zoe's faces when the Master tells them "I have your dossiers here."

I agree on Timelash for Six (except I just typed "Sex") -- that one was very good.
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posted by [personal profile] crywolf at 06:09am on 16/07/2009
I've always particularly enjoyed the Key To Time. I'm a sucker for a good quest.

For individual episodes of each Doctor, it's tough to choose (especially the ones I've only seen once or twice), and in a few cases I'm influenced by the books, but here goes.

First: The Celestial Toymaker - a true battle of wits
Second: The War Games - so much is introduced in this
Third: Inferno - beatifully dark, and has Liz Shaw
Fourth: Warrior's Gate - escape from E-space, conclusion of a story arc
Fifth: Enlightenment - conclusion of the Black Guardian story arc, with some rather deep concepts
Sixth: Attack of the Cybermen - There's something very human (if you'll pardon the term) about the Doctor being wrong, and facing up to it.
Seventh: Battlefield - I enjoy the concept and story, I just need to ignore some of the crap directing and effects
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 08:55am on 16/07/2009
Poor Seven suffered with a lot of crap directing and effects :( (Well, on the effects front, they all did really...)
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 08:54am on 16/07/2009
I agree on Timelash for Six (except I just typed "Sex") -- that one was very good.

Six, Sex, it's all the same ;)
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posted by [personal profile] tobyaw at 10:23am on 16/07/2009
Or maybe Bertie Bassett.
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 12:31pm on 16/07/2009
...Damnit. You're right XD I was, er, tired...
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posted by [personal profile] niaskywalk at 06:34pm on 16/07/2009
Whoa! *checks name on entry* Yeah, not my writing... but omg, it looks like almost exactly what I would write! Adric! I like all the above, but I would add Gods of Ragnarok to the Seventh Doctor because for some reason I really enjoyed that one and change out Warriors of the Deep with the Caves of Androzani.
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 07:14pm on 16/07/2009
I'm a total chicken because I've never watched Caves of Androzani. I keep meaning to, but Doctor regeneration episodes upset me more than I'd like to say XD I will get around to it one day. :3

(And yay, somebody else who likes Adric XD)
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posted by [personal profile] telegramsam at 08:34pm on 16/07/2009
Yikes that's a hard question. I can't really pick because the stories I like tend to change depending on my mood. Plus I'm not well versed in the first three doctors. :\

Um, *as of right this second and probably will be different five mintues from now*

First Doctor - An Unearthy Child (well the pilot episode anyway, not so big on the cavemen bit that followed), The Dalek Invasion of Earth which is just a thoroughly enjoyable story, and sad at the end. Poor Susan.

Second Doctor - I've only seen about 1.5 non-multiple-doctor stories with the Mighty Trout so I can't really judge here

Third Doctor - Out of the few I've seen, I probably enjoyed Inferno the most.

Fourth Doctor - Terror of the Zygons is one of my favorites - you've got kilts, bagpipes, giant monsters and mayhem. That and it just does a really good job of being mysterious and creepy, it's kind of like a good episode the X-Files, same goes for Horror of Fang Rock I guess. City of Death is always fun too.

Fifth Doctor - Kinda is a nice head-trip. The Five Doctors is interesting for the time lord nonsense. Gotta love those stuffy old time lords. :D

Sixth Doctor - Vengeance on Varos and Revelation of the Daleks are probably the two I re-watch most often.

Seventh Doctor - Ghostlight and Survival. Classic stories, in my book. But then Seven is my favorite so I pretty much like all of his stuff, except Time and the Rani which is a bit crap all the way around. I don't think the writers or McCoy really had the Seventh Doc nailed down until the following series anyway, he didn't start to get really brilliant until his third series, and then of course they killed it right when it was getting really good. I also have a soft spot for The Happiness Patrol even though you're technically supposed to hate it. I *know* people like Helen A. They're scary.
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 08:42pm on 16/07/2009
I love Seven to bits. My parents warned me against watching his stuff when I really got into Who, but I watched three arcs and was absolutely hooked. I love the quirkiness of it all, and I like Ace and Mel too >.>
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posted by [personal profile] telegramsam at 08:48pm on 16/07/2009
Oh I think Seven is highly underrated and McCoy kinda got the short end of the stick (well it's debatable whether or not he was shafted as badly as Colin Baker) when it came to special effects/budgeting/general treatment by TPTB. I was told off Seven as well by a friend of mine in school who'd seen far more Who than I had as a kid (they re-ran Three and Four all the time and occasionally Five but that was about all the local PBS carried) and told me that Six was unwatchable an Seven wasn't much better. But I picked up a DVD of Ghost Light anyway because it looked interesting and I'm glad I did, I would have missed out if I hadn't.

I like Mel if I'm in the right mood for it, though she can be grating sometimes. I think she comes off A LOT better in the Big Finish plays than she did on screen, frankly. The quality of the writing for her character is definitely better at any rate, she does more than just screech and run around. But then same goes for Colin Baker. I'm kind of ambivalent on some of his tv episodes (well the only one I truly despise is Twin Dilemma) but I love his Big Finish stuff to bits.
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posted by [personal profile] moriarty at 09:25pm on 16/07/2009
I think that McCoy and Baker were really unfortunate, and some of their stories were excellent but because of the low budget and bad time slot they didn't get a good go of it :( I haven't seen Ghost Light yet, but I shall have to check it out :D And I love the novels that have been written about Six, especially Spiral Scratch.

I haven't really got into the Big Finish stuff. Shall have to check that out as well XD I've listened to several of Five and Eight, but I often get the orders/new companions confused *__*
posted by [personal profile] jamie77 at 09:10am on 17/07/2009
A post of fanboy cliches I daresay from me.

Of William Hartnell's time on the show, The Unearthly Child and The Daleks would be found among my favourites. Even the caveman episodes of the first serial make excellent use of one of the TARDIS' finest crews and solid direction from Waris Hussein. An additional leftfield choice from me would be The Gunfighters, a serial that I have always enjoyed despite its reputation.

The first Patrick Troughton I saw was the repeat of The Krotons that was part of The Five Faces of Doctor Who season back in '81, so I have something of a soft spot for that story. I certainly like the soundtracks of Power of the Daleks; Fury From the Deep too. My copies being the BBC Radio Collection cassettes with Tom Baker narration from the early nineties.

Jon Pertwee - it would be The Ambassadors of Death or The Mind of Evil.

Tom Baker - The Robots of Death or The Keeper of Traken. Or perhaps Horror of Fang Rock.

Peter Davison - The Caves of Androzani without a doubt. My favourite story from the whole series. Though Earthshock is pretty fab too.

Colin Baker - Probably Revelation which has CB's best onscreen performance as Doctor in my opinion. A big fan of the Phillip Martin episodes of Trial of a Time Lord too.

Sylvester McCoy's time has many gems but I will plum for The Curse of Fenric. The vhs release was the first Doctor Who video I bought.

Christopher Eccelston it would be The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

And finally as regards David Tennant, a bit undecided. Probably Blink or Midnight. Or maybe Girl in the Fireplace.
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posted by [personal profile] halfeatenmoon at 12:45am on 19/07/2009
I like this post.

I don't think I've seen enough stories from the first four Doctors to have favourites. I absolutely love the Five Doctors, though - can that count for all of them? (Well, I guess not Four since he's barely in it.)

Five: Castrovalva
Six: The Two Doctors (I have a thing for stories where the Doctor runs into himself)
Seven: Curse of Fenric
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posted by [personal profile] crywolf at 03:17am on 19/07/2009
If you like multi-Doctor episodes, there's an absolutely fantastic webcomic called The Ten Doctors. See
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posted by [personal profile] halfeatenmoon at 09:40pm on 19/07/2009
And with a Nine-meets-Ten crossover, I can now die happy. Thank you for the link!
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posted by [personal profile] everchangingmuse at 02:52am on 20/07/2009
Favorite episodes are always hard to figure out, but here's my current list.

First Doctor: An Unearthly Child, The Keys of Marinus, The Romans. Basically, anything with Ian and Barbara, since Barbara is one of my top 3 companions of all-time.

Second Doctor: Tomb of the Cybermen. It was the first Troughton episode I saw, and it's one of the few I've seen in its entirety. Really need to get this on DVD, since I'm in danger of wearing out the VHS.^^

Third Doctor: Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Terror of the Autons, The Daemons, Spearhead from Space. I know Invasion is a left-fielder, but I remember watching it on PBS and adoring it. Haven't seen in in about 15 years, but the first episode in black-and-white stuck, as did the twist with Mike Yates. I think the whole thing would have benefited from black-and-white. I love the Doctor/Jo dynamic, and anything with UNIT is love.

Fourth Doctor: The Ark in Space, Masque of Mandragora. I'm one of the weird fans who isn't a huge Tom Baker fan, but I love him with Lis Sladen's Sarah Jane. One of my all-time favorite scenes is the one in Ark where she gets stuck in the air-duct and he goads her into wriggling free with the power cable by pretending to insult her.

Fifth Doctor: The Five Doctors, Arc of Infinity, Caves of Androzani, Black Orchid. It may have plot holes out the wazoo, but Five Doctors is such fun. It's one I did break the tape on, I watched it so much. Then I got the tape that came with The King's Demons. And then the original DVD. I need the new anniversary edition, though, because I miss my old-school special effects.

Sixth Doctor: Trial of a Time Lord. All of it. Colin Baker is amazing in it, Peri finally gets some good plot, and Mel's interesting. And I love the Valeyard.

Seventh Doctor: Battlefield, Silver Nemesis, Survival, Remembrance of the Daleks, Ghost Light. Okay, I don't really have a favorite McCoy story. He's my Doctor, the first one I saw a full episode for, and I love everything with him. If I have to pick one, it's Battlefield, though. The Brigadier, Arthurian legend, and Ace? Plus, Jean Marsh is amazing, again.

Eighth Doctor: TV Movie. Yes, he only did the one, but I like the TV Movie, for all its plot-holes and cheeziness at times. It's fun, McGann's a great Doctor, and Eric Roberts' Master is one of my favorites.
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posted by [personal profile] akashasheiress at 11:53pm on 20/07/2009
I'm going to try and chose just one of each. Eeep.

One: The Edge of Destruction - great character develope
Two: The War Games
Three: The Green Death
Four: City of Death (Doctor/Romana, squee!)

Haven't seen Doctor 5-8 yet.

Nine: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Ten: Midnight
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posted by [personal profile] miss_s_b at 11:26am on 21/07/2009
One: The Daleks
Two: The Invasion (Brig/Benton ftw!)
Three: it's difficult, this one. I LOVE three. But I'm going to plump for The Daemons
Four: Genesis of the Daleks
Five: Earthshock
Six: Revelation of the Daleks
Seven: The Happiness Patrol


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