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Over at my journal, I've been doing a rewatch of S3 specifically to focus on Martha Jones. I've just posted about "Gridlock"; anyone who wants to join in is welcome!
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It's funny that I managed to time watching The Aztecs right after The Waters of Mars (I didn't check beforehand and didn't know what was going to happen), seeing as they're both about changing history.

They go about it in a slightly different manner, though. And what is the first Doctor doing with that large, black, faceted ring? Feels like I've seen it before... )

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So yeah, I'm alternating classic Who (just watched the first part of the reconstruction of "Marco polo") with rewatching season four of new Who. What's wrong with that? XD

Seriously, knowing what will eventually happen to Donna, I have to take it in small pieces; every time she's awesome (and that's pretty much all the time) I just want to cry.

Some thoughts on  )

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UK citizens: this snowfall is almsot certainly a sign of extra terretrial activity interfering with our climate, yes?
Thought so. Anyone seen Dreamland?

Summary from the BBC iPlayer site: America, 1958. The Doctor makes a new friend, Cassie, who reveals that anyone approaching the top secret Dreamland army base goes missing. The Doctor discovers an alien army hatching beneath the New Mexico desert, while inside Dreamland, survivors of an extraterrestrial war possess a weapon powerful enough to destroy Earth...

The thing I really picked up from 'Dreamland' is that I desperately want a Doctor Who video game. Are there any out there? Does anyone have any information on this?
Apart from the slightly shuddery graphics, it's a well put together plot, and if you can ignore the Doctor's thinning scalp and the fact that Georgie Moffett (who has given me the heebie jeebies ever since the Doctor's Daughter became the Doctor's Date. And you know Jenny's coming back now The Moff has taken over. Where was I?) voices one of the main companions, Cassie, it's a nice thing to watch with your tea of hotdogs and banana milkshake.
 And it's a far kinder farewell to Ten than EoT2! For me he will forever me enjoying Ming Dynasty Dim Sum in some tiny restaurant, perhaps with a napkin tucked into his collar, talking with his mouth full.
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If you don't want to see some casting spoilers for Tennant's finale look away now )
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