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posted by [personal profile] matgb at 08:42pm on 03/04/2010 under , ,
K, spoiler free review. Um, didn't Karen/Amy look great in that outfit?

I thought the first ten minutes or so were both OTT and self-indulgent, but did work as a nice setup for 11 and Amy. But then it began to grab me.

Anyone else? I suspect there'll be spoilers in the comments. Some of them will come from me.
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posted by [personal profile] matgb at 07:50pm on 03/04/2010
Including this one.

I liked the silliness of stuff like the swimming pool being in the library, and the overall TARDIS remoddelling itself was nice.

For once I appreciated not knowing in advance that Amy works as a kissogram and isn't actually a WPC, that worked well. My disbelief suspension was already failing because of the ludicrously short skirt.

I wasn't complaining about the skirt, mind, but it was a little unbelievable.

Liked the way he dealt with the aliens right at the end, with the nice little set of clips from old shows, but it was a bit Smug!Doctor that I was hoping we'd move away from now Tennant's gone. But it's not like smug is a new trait, so...

Also, watching the confidential was bearable, there was no Rusty to annoy me. Wonder how long it'll take before Moff does that to me instead.
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posted by [personal profile] charamei at 07:56pm on 03/04/2010
I think they had a bit too much to set up - introducing a new Doctor, and a new companion, and her family, and the alien of the week. But I definitely liked it.

The first scenes were a bit OTT, but I liked the weird food. Looking forward to more of that.

As for Smith, he reminded me a bit of the good parts of Pertwee, without the misogynistic crap that makes Three unwatchable. Love.
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posted by [personal profile] charamei at 08:01pm on 03/04/2010
Also, did anyone else think he should have kept the multiple ties?
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posted by [personal profile] draigwen at 08:08pm on 03/04/2010
Multiple ties would have been cool... I had hoped...
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posted by [personal profile] purpleparadox at 02:17pm on 04/04/2010
OMG YES. I thought the multiple ties was hilarious. XD
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posted by [personal profile] lunarwolfik at 06:17pm on 05/04/2010
The multiple ties looks is TOTALLY in, it would have been fantastic!
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posted by [personal profile] moonbathe_skin at 08:54pm on 04/04/2010
alien of the week

Sounds like something from Harry Hill's show!!
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posted by [personal profile] jassanja at 12:05am on 04/04/2010
I was a bit fed up with the 10th Doctor so I was looking forward to 11, and he didn't disappoint in this first episode

I'm not sure yet how I feel about Amy...
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posted by [personal profile] boji at 03:53am on 04/04/2010
I wasn't sure if I should place this in a separate entry, or if you prefer meta linked off the comm from this review post as they do on LJ. Erring on the side of caution:

Stephen Moffat's Who a children's classic? That thought, and others on fairy-tale subtext behind the cut. Or, why I loved it.

Here on my Dreamwidth.

One day I will succeed at writing short meta. Today is not that day.
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posted by [personal profile] dragonsally at 04:00am on 04/04/2010
I loved every second. The 11th Doctor is looking to be my favorite, after watching the show since the start.
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posted by [personal profile] matgb at 10:58am on 04/04/2010
I don't think the comm has rules yet; TBH, content is good, the LJ comm gets so much traffic and has so many members it makes sense to be restrictive.

But I are not in charge, so my answer is, well, an opinion.
posted by [personal profile] jamie77 at 11:15am on 04/04/2010
Not terribly keen on the pre-titles bit, just seemed a bit inconsequential and screaming a bit 'Look we are a British show because here's the London Eye and look Big Ben!'. The Doctor's entrance in the garden post-titles was grand though.

On the subject of titles, the sequence itself was okay but the latest arrangement of the theme tune, not so sure. Irrittating continuity announcer over the end credits prevented one from having a real listen at the end.

Matt Smith was fine; like David Tennant he has been given a great look by the wardrobe department. Certainly upon first viewing nowt jumped out that screamed out 'Oo, he's different' other than of course that he is not David Tennant, not Christopher Eccelstone or indeed Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy et al.

As openers go, probably the best since the show's return in 2005. 'Rose' always suffered from being the opening night that had to say for the first time after so long, 'This is Doctor Who...' whereas 'Smith and Jones' got into a bit of a pickle with resolving its plot. 'The Eleventh Hour' though know its audience (or the majority of it) know that it is a show about 'a mad man with a box who travels in time and space'

Indeed, one might say after seeing the trailer at the end (and gosh, there are some spoilers!) and from a quick glance at the episode guide in the Radio Times that it is a show that will play very much to the forumla established in years past - trip to the future for the new friend of the Doctor, adventure in the Earth's past with noted historical figure...
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posted by [personal profile] charamei at 11:54am on 04/04/2010
I developed coherence overnight and made an actual post.

Spoilers abide within it.
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posted by [personal profile] purpleparadox at 02:21pm on 04/04/2010
All I can say without launching into a long, ridiculous ramble is that it was amazing. I loved every minute of it!
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posted by [personal profile] gominokouhai at 06:36pm on 04/04/2010
is over here: in short, loved it.
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posted by [personal profile] be_themoon at 06:50pm on 04/04/2010
Absolutely loved it, and so pleased. :D

I almost want to say that Eleven will be MY doctor, but I'm too attached to Nine to say that quite yet. But he is already coming perilously close!

I think I love most his enthusiasm. The theory that I've really like before is that a Doctor becomes somewhat distant from his previous emotions upon regenerating, unless the people he loves are right there (as Rose was when Nine regenerated). I love this Doctor. I love that he's a bit of a smug snake and that crack he made go away in the TARDIS at the end - was that genuine confusion or just annoyance? hmm.

but on topic! Eleven is amazing. He flips between everything so easily, and Matt Smith really did a fantastic job in this episode, so fantastic. I just. *flaily hands* Enthusiastic and resourceful with a hint of smug bastard! I LOVE it.

I also love that the companion role has been flipped a little bit here because he ... not disappointed, he failed her. Twice, in a way. And now it's his job to make it up to her.
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posted by [personal profile] jassanja at 11:25pm on 04/04/2010
I also love that the companion role has been flipped a little bit here because he ... not disappointed, he failed her. Twice, in a way. And now it's his job to make it up to her.

I love that
With 10 every companion after Rose had to prove that they were worth it, to travel with the Doctor
Now he has to prove to Amy that he is worth sticking around with
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posted by [personal profile] susanreads at 08:51pm on 04/04/2010
I must come back and read all the reviews people have linked! Meanwhile, here's my spoilery reaction post. I forgot to mention the new title music: I didn't like it, but maybe it'll grow on me.
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posted by [personal profile] charamei at 09:03pm on 04/04/2010
Your comment about collateral damage reminded me of my least favourite part of the episode.


When he uses the sonic screwdriver to send everything batshit, the guy in the wheelchair is heading straight into oncoming traffic. Which has just lost control of its brakes thanks to the sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor: Killing defenseless elderly people since 1963 2010!
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posted by [personal profile] susanreads at 03:25pm on 05/04/2010
... guy in the wheelchair? I saw someone (old lady, I think) on a motability scooter, and I got the impression those cars were stopped at the crossing anyway. All their horns sound at once. Was there a guy in a wheelchair as well?
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posted by [personal profile] charamei at 03:29pm on 05/04/2010
No, that's the one I meant (couldn't remember what mobility scooters were called >.<). I didn't get the impression that the cars had stopped - maybe I just had Toyota at the back of my mind...
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posted by [personal profile] matgb at 05:30pm on 05/04/2010
The cars in the background to the scooter were all parked; I went through all the sequences with cars in last night looking for number plates to date the setting; it was a little jokey scene that worked, probably best not to overthink it too much; I'd be more worried about the broken glass from all the bulbs.
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posted by [personal profile] lunarwolfik at 06:26pm on 05/04/2010
Karen/Amy was delightful and gorgeous in her police outfit. (Although I wish she had been an actual policewoman cause that would have been AWESOME)

As much as I loved Ten, I was prepared and ready to give Eleven a fair chance. And he totally rocked it. I loved the sheer exuberance and cheerfulness that he had, moving beyond the heavy burden of so much death and pain that Ten had gone through at the end. In one word, I'd say Eleven is bouncy. And the bowtie was adorable!

Amelia is my favorite little kid ever and I wish she would come back, although Amy is equal parts awesome (she stood up to the Doctor quite easily, and that's always a good thing. Trapping him with a car via his tie was just an inventive way to do so. I'm guessing that's part of the reason for his choice of bowtie, because he knows Amy is not afraid to drag him around by a tie.

My one qualm was the new music...I liked the old music and opening, it was good stuff!

However, overall, two thumbs up!

(Also, sorry for rambling so much. The Doctor brings out the squee.)
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posted by [personal profile] misfit at 02:10am on 06/04/2010
I was actually really glad that she wasn't a policewoman, because the recent DW universe already had one policewoman get recruited into saving the universe from alien threats in Torchwood, so I didn't really want to see that same thread again.

... but Amy did look adorable in the outfit.


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