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I've heard, though don't know whether this is true, that the letter was sent and responded to before Capaldi's departure was public knowledge. This would still make the response dumb as hell, but also sheds different light on "currently no plans to replace."
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Oh look it's the Sun being the Sun again

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I was upset and then realized this is just The Sun posting Doctor Who clickbait again. If the rumor turns out not to be true, they'll just delete the article, as usual.

Other clickbait has included:
-- insisted Doctor Who was finishing at the end of the fourth series.
-- Ran a "Gandhi is the new leader of the Daleks" headline to announce actor Ben Kingsley had been cast as Davros (he wasn't; Julian Bleach was)
-- Ran a story about Harriet Jones being the Supreme Dalek
-- claimed Freema Argyeman had been "axed" due to poor performances;Freema was very upset to read the article since she had not, at the time, been axed
-- claimed Pearl Mackie was "fired" after one series, before her first episode had even broadcast, in an article eerily reminiscent of the one dumping on Freema

Source: Regarding that Pearl Mackie Rumor

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