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posted by [personal profile] primsong at 06:11pm on 13/09/2010
There's so many folks coming in to Dreamwidth it feels like a massive game of Marco-Polo in the dark - seems it would be a useful thing to have a Friending Meme up for our fandom, to help us find one another and get our favorite types of communities up and running at our new "home".

Adapt and add/subtract as you see fit!


Please DO pimp this meme out to any Whovians you may have on your own flists, or to other related communities.

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posted by [personal profile] primsong at 01:32am on 14/09/2010
And my own entry, to kick it off -

Name: Primsong or Prim, Amy
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Three's my man, though my 'favourite' is a constant shuffle of One, Two and Three with occasional flashes of Seven and Four.
Favourite companion(s): Ian, Jamie, Jo, Sarah-Jane
Favourite minor character(s): Sgt. Benton and the Brig
Favourite ship(s): I'm only a mild shipper, but Ian/Barbara, Jamie/Victoria, Three/Jo and Sarah-Jane/Any Doctor are acknowledged soft spots.
Some favourite episode(s): The Romans, the Mind Robber, Mind of Evil, Sea Devils, City of Death.
Fic writer? What genres?: Yes, Gen and almost entirely classic. I'm on Teaspoon under the same name (primsong).
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: dw100, dwfiction, trap_one, unit_family
Other Fandom(s): Some LotR, StarGate SG-1, Star Trek TOS, All Creatures Great and Small, Jeeves and Wooster.
Fez?: I'll take one in apple green, size medium please.
Anything else? I own a plushie!Three. This is a fine thing. I recommend it.

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posted by [personal profile] dbskyler at 05:09am on 14/09/2010
I'll be your friend! I'll be your friend! Oh, wait . . . ; )

Great idea to start this. I also love the topics you included, especially the LJ communities question -- for those of us coming from LJ who are familiar with those communities, it's a really good shorthand way to determine the kinds of things that potential friends are likely to post about and be interested in reading.

The fez question is my favorite, though. :D
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posted by [personal profile] juliet316 at 01:48am on 14/09/2010
Name: juliet
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: At the moment (because of my lack of Classic Who viewing), Ten is both My Doctor and my favorite Doctor.
Favourite companion(s): Donna Noble. Definitely, though Rory Williams comes a close second.
Favourite minor character(s): I'd have to say Jackie Tyler actually.
Favourite ship(s): Ten/Rose and Nine/Rose
Some favourite episode(s): Rose, The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, World War Three, Dalek, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Parting of the Ways, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, School Reunion, the Satan Pit, Gridlock, Human Nature/Family of Blood, the Last of the Time Lords, all of S4 (I choose to believe mind - wiping Donna never happened!), Vampires of Venice (primiarly because of Rory), The Big Bang (why couldn't Moffatt write this much character development for Eleven earlier?!)
Fic writer? What genres?: I'm a fic writer who tends to write almost anything (except for Ten/Martha and Doctor/Master). My Teaspoon page is here
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [community profile] doctwho, [community profile] dwfiction,
[community profile] time_and_chips, [community profile] doctor_donna

Other Fandom(s): Buffy/Angel, Dollhouse (curse you FOX), Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, etc.,
Fez?: Amy and River killed it. Let it stay dead.
Anything else? Allons-y!
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posted by [personal profile] lilmoka at 01:21pm on 14/09/2010
You like Jackie! :DDD
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posted by [personal profile] whatawaytoburn at 01:58am on 14/09/2010
Name: Nina
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Eight is my Doctor but my favorite is a tie between Eight, Ten and Eleven.
Favourite companion(s): Romana II, Amy, Donna,
ace, ...I clearly do not believe in limiting myself to one in this meme. >>
Favourite minor character(s): The Brig, definitely
Favourite ship(s): Doctor/TARDIS or everyone/everyone for I am a rabid multishipper (but am perfectly cool if you have an OTP, so no worries)
Some favourite episode(s): The Mind Robber, City Of Death, Survival...
Fic writer? What genres?: Yes, though I don't do a lot anymore. I try and write a little bit of everything though I do have a slashy slant.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: I really didn't do communities much, something I'm hoping to change now that I'm on DW.
Other Fandom(s): Angel, Bare, Being Human, Boy Meets World, Bones, Burn Notice, Chess, Chronicles of Narnia, Criminal Minds Dead Like Me, Dead Poet's Society, Dollhouse, Dogma, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dresden Files (book), Eastwick, Ender's Game, Feeling Electric, Firefly, Good Omens, How I Met Your Mother, Last Five Years, Life on Mars, Love! Valour! Compassion!, Memento, Myth/Fairytales, Music (Beatles), Neverwhere, Newsies, Practical Magic, Pushing Daisies, Rent, Sanctuary, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Shakespeare, Slings and Arrows, Sports Night, the Stand, Star Trek, Wicked (book and musical), Zanna Don't.
Fez?: Yes please, something in purple would be awesome.
Anything else? Feel free to friend me at will, I'm more than happy to add more friends on here! Also, here is a handy introduction post for those of you who are nosy
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posted by [personal profile] charamei at 07:09pm on 14/09/2010
OMG EIGHT. *flails*

You appear to be rather amazing: I'm adding you.
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posted by [personal profile] ranrata at 02:22am on 14/09/2010
Name: Ranrata
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Nine is my doctor, and Eleven has recently edged him out as my favorite
Favourite companion(s): Martha (I have a ridiculous obsession with her; you have been warned), River, Amy, Donna, Romana II (though I've only seen a little of her)
Favourite minor character(s): Liz Ten
Favourite ship(s): Martha/Jack, Martha/Mickey, any combination of Eleven/Amy/Rory/River, Doctor/Romana
Some favourite episode(s): An Unearthly Child, The Edge of Destruction, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, Human Nature/The Family of Blood, Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Damned, Midnight, Turn Left...and, seriously, most of Series 5. No, really.
Fic writer? What genres?: No. Not...yet? Maybe eventually. I am starting to do fan art, though.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [ profile] doctoreleven
Other Fandom(s): Torchwood, Dollhouse, House (stopped watching, but still write), Grey's Anatomy, Nurse Jackie
Fez?: Top hat!
Anything else? Eleven is a big perv.
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posted by [personal profile] boji at 03:31pm on 14/09/2010
I don't share your soft spot for Martha (I really, really, liked her but out of RTD"s companions it was Donna and Jack for me) but Nine was my Doctor too and I adore Eleven. Have subscribed to you.
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posted by [personal profile] lunar_dawn at 02:30am on 14/09/2010
Name: Darryl
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Ten is my Doctor, but to be fair it's still early on to decide where to place Eleven in terms of favoritism.
Favourite companion(s): Rose and Amelia
Favourite minor character(s): Chantho
Favourite ship(s): Amelia/Rory.
Some favourite episode(s): The Doctor's Daughter, Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways, Human Nature/The Family of Blood, Blink, Love & Monsters.
Fic writer? What genres?: When the mood strikes me. Not so much Who-wise though.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Wasn't big on LJ communities, honestly. Barely used the place.
Other Fandom(s): Angel, Dexter, Dresden Files (books only, the tv show was... ugh), Music (very eclectic taste), Sailor Moon, Star Trek, Valdemar (Mercedes Lackey), Warcraft.
Fez?: What about it? Fezes are cool! I wear a fez now.
Anything else? Don't mind if I'm friended at all to be honest! A message saying hi would be nice if you do though!
posted by [personal profile] averman at 02:36am on 14/09/2010
Name: Judith
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Nine is "my Doctor", but my favorite is Three <3
Favourite companion(s): Turlough! As well as Donna, Rory, Jamie, and Steven. The Brig, too, even though he's not technically a companion, I guess :)
Favourite ship(s): Doctor/TARDIS 4eva~
Other Fandom(s): The Closer, Rising Damp, The Guild, Life on Mars + Ashes to Ashes, Castle, Leverage, Merlin (though I'm behind in this D:), Super Junior, 60s musicians, Oglaf.
Anything else? My journal probably has more rl rambles than fandom ones at the moment, but I've been meaning to really get back into watching more Who, especially the classic. Also I adore new friends, so please don't hesitate to add me!
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posted by [personal profile] chrestomanci at 01:01am on 25/10/2010
this is a random drive by commenting - i don't even use this journal BUT i just had to tell you how awesome your icon is. that's exactly how my dad has felt about the new who series since eccleston left the show haha :)
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posted by [personal profile] jenwryn at 02:45am on 14/09/2010
Name: Jenny.
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Four (Tom Baker) is definitely 'My Doctor', but my favourite, nowadays, swings between Nine and Eleven. I think Eleven might be winning.
Favourite companion(s): GODHOWTOCHOOSE. Amy. Donna. Leela. K-9. Rory.
Favourite minor character(s): River (is she still minor? I don't really think of her as minor). Liz Ten. Sally Sparrow.
Favourite ship(s): Amy/Rory/Eleven. Also Simm!Master/Ten.
Some favourite episode(s): Vincent And The Doctor, Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Damned, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, okay, far too many, obviously. Also, I ♥ Steven Moffat.
Fic writer? What genres?: Yes! Though I haven't really written much, thus far; and I generally write fluffy and/or angsty romance. Here's some.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [profile] got_my_boys
Other Fandom(s): Sherlock BBC. Also Merlin, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, Fringe, and a muddle of other things.
Fez?: lol yes. :D
Anything else? I really can't emphasise enough, just how overrun my journal is by Sherlock, at the moment. I would love new Doctor Who friends, definitely, but that warning really needs to be there. Possibly underlined and in bold. Y'know. |D;

Watch me clutter up this page with gratuitous gifs, oh yes, of course, that's me.
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posted by [personal profile] travels_in_time at 03:22am on 14/09/2010
I'm friending you! I can use some "overrun with Sherlock"ishness on my friendspage, especially as you are also a Doctor Who fan! And I think I read one of your Sherlock fics recently, and loved it.

I also <3 Steven Moffat. I have the most ridiculous crush on him, based strictly on the columns he writes for DWM.
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posted by [personal profile] jhumor at 03:12am on 14/09/2010
Name: J
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: I don't have a "my Doctor" they're ALL the Doctor and so I don't believe in picking one above the others. Favorite: that's like asking my favorite color: How can I possibly choose one over all the rest? I love them all for different reasons. Though for "rewatch" purposes it's good to know a few things:

Four was my first back in the late 70s (or was it early 80s), hard to tell because of when PBS started airing Four and when I was an age to actually remember things :P

Seven came out when I was an angsty Teen, so he and I would've gotten on famously!

And I just thought David Tennant's portrayal of Ten was nothing short of brilliant (I majored in theatre, so there are things I look for, that most people just don't.)

Eleven: jury is still out on. He's more alien then what we've scene since 2005, but acting wise something is "missing." Unfortunately, that comes with Matt Smith's age: There ARE some things that are just learned through experience. And I really hated the fact that the Moff has completely rebooted the Whoniverse. I used to believe the Doctor could show up on MY doorstep, but after that season? I'm not so sure anymore :S And, yes, I hate that :(

Favourite companion(s): In order of knowing them: the TARDIS!!! (she's ALWAYS been sentient to me ever since I was a kid) Sarah Jane Smith (before RTD ruined her), Romana II, Ace, Donna Noble

Favourite minor character(s): Too many to mention, so instead I'll say my LEAST favorite companions: I ABSOLUTELY detest Amy Pond! I just cannot stand her! The ONLY episode I kind of accepted her in was "Vincent and the Doctor" and even THEN, I thought that eppy would be better with Donna. Rose Tyler had held my "least fav." spot since Series 2 (I actually didn't mind her too much in series 1), until Amy came along. Peri is Third least... and so on from there.

Favourite ship(s): ship: TARDIS hahahah, kidding - Though, I might argue that Doctor and TARDIS is my One True Pairing ('romantic shipping' not needed)! I don't really ship anyone. Though Romana II and Four, I can accept the easiest. And I have a guilty pleasure of reading Ten/Donna ships (even though I myself don't ship them). I don't know why....

Some favourite episode(s): OMG - 47 YEARS of DW and you expect me to list them? OMG!... Pretty much every Dalek episode. Pretty much every Cyberman Episode. Every Ace episode. Most of Nine and Ten's episodes (but don't get me started on the crap that RTD screwed up!) of Eleven: Vincent and the Doctor. (would've been my favorite of all time, but for the involvement of one Amy Pond)

Fic writer? What genres?: I wasn't until a year ago and then WHAM! Mostly TARDIS and/or Ten, though I do have one Human!Doctor Post-JE. A lot of people whine about how EMO Ten is, but he as a depth that I LOVE exploring in my writing. Not sure what you'd call my writing, probably Dramatic.

Favourite Who communities back at LJ: I'm trying to erase LJ from my memory, so I'd rather not go there, thanks.

Other Fandom(s): The only one that comes close to my DW fandom is Star Wars.

Fez?: Well, hats of all manner are cool.

Anything else? Not really. I suppose it's interesting to note that I've earned (if my thesis is accepted) my Master's Degree in Christian Spirituality. And I cited Doctor Who in some of my papers :D
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posted by [personal profile] primsong at 03:38am on 14/09/2010

I'm trying to erase LJ from my memory, so I'd rather not go there, thanks.

I concur! I included it with the intent of helping folks who were a part of a group there find others that were also in the same group, with the parallel purpose of helping us see what type of communities still lacking here at DW might be worth launching, should someone care to pick up the admin duties for them.
everchangingmuse: haruno sumire wearing time lord looking robes in the craziest fandom crossover idea ever (time lord osa)
posted by [personal profile] everchangingmuse at 03:15am on 14/09/2010
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Sylvester McCoy is "my" Doctor; Favorite vacillates between Hartnell, McCoy, Pertwee, and Eccleston
Favourite companion(s): Sarah Jane, UNIT, Barbara, Ace, Donna, Amy, Jamie
Favourite minor character(s): Ancelyn and Bambera
Favourite ship(s): Ancelyn/Bambera, Ian/Barbara Benton/Jo (which is not canon at all, but I totally ship it)
Some favourite episode(s): "Tomb of the Cybermen", "Battlefield", "Ark in Space", "Dalek", and...oh... "The Next Doctor" since I like it best of all the Christmas ones
Fic writer? What genres?: I haven't read Who-fic in ages, so I have no clue anymore of who writes what. I used to read a lot of drabbles, back in the late 90s, early 2000s
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: dwicons, even if I can't look very often because of spoilers
Other Fandom(s): Takarazuka Revue, musical theatre, various anime/manga (Sailormoon and Utena in terms of 'active fandom' stuff, but I watch/read a lot of others - current obsessions are Rose of Versailles and Black Butler), and I'm sure other things that I can't think of at the moment
Fez?: Spoilers! Can't see it till the day after my birthday b/c I have no cable!
Anything else? The Who exhibit in Cardiff was awesome! Cardiff in general is awesome! Best part of my visit to the UK last summer!
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posted by [personal profile] primsong at 03:44am on 14/09/2010
You not only have good taste in Doctors, your journal has Scarlet Pimpernel, musicals and books as well? Hm! I'd like to friend you, if I may, though I'm not very familiar with the anime world.
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posted by [personal profile] travels_in_time at 03:17am on 14/09/2010
Name: [personal profile] travels_in_time, AKA Terry.
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: The Seventh Doctor was "my" Doctor; they canceled the show *just* when I'd found out about it. My current favorite Doctor is the Tenth, although it took me most of his run to warm up to him. I think it was Donna that finally tipped the scales in his favor; he was so much better with her than with anyone else (IMO, YMMV, etc.)
Favourite companion(s): Donna, Jack, Ace, Rose (with the Ninth Doctor, not the Tenth)
Favourite minor character(s): Hm, that's a hard one. Doctor Who has some awesome minor characters, that's one of the things I love about it.
Favourite ship(s): I'm a multi-shipper! Or a non-shipper; it varies from day to day. :D
Some favourite episode(s): Also a tough question. Anything with John Simm in, although that is less to do with plot and more to do with UNF. Yes, all right, I am shallow that way.
Fic writer? What genres?: Occasionally; mostly gen, some (non-graphic) slash, the odd crack!fic.
Other Fandom(s): Life on Mars, Sherlock (BBC), Due South, White Collar, Babylon 5, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...several others as interest waxes and wanes.
Fez?: Should only be worn by Shriners in parades.
Anything else? Cake for everyone! *passes cake around*
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posted by [personal profile] jenwryn at 03:39am on 14/09/2010
Rose (with the Ninth Doctor, not the Tenth)

This, I second. ♥
posted by [personal profile] exselsius at 04:42am on 14/09/2010
Name: Sel. Or Bea. :]
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: The 9th is My Doctor. <3 Completely captured my heart, he did. Though I really like the 10th as well, he has to take a second place to CE.
Favourite companion(s): Rose and Amy.
Favourite minor character(s): Sally Sparrow! Jackie Tyler & Mickey (though I'm not sure the latter counts).
Favourite ship(s): Rose/9th is my absolute favorite. I also enjoy Rose/Master, Rose/Tenth and some AU stuff. .
Some favourite episode(s): Don't Blink, Bad Wolf, Doomsday, Army of Ghosts.
Fic writer? What genres?: Not anymore.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Didn't have any. Starting over fresh here.
Other Fandom(s): So many to list! Merlin, Harry Potter, Firefly, various anime, Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, House, ER. And many more!
Fez?: No thanks. I'm not really a fez kind of girl.
Anything else? I really wanna make new friends! :3
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posted by [personal profile] juliet316 at 05:30am on 14/09/2010
Finally! Somebody else who's not enchanted with the fez! To each their own and all that, but a fez? Really?
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posted by [personal profile] dizzyellie at 05:55am on 14/09/2010
Name: Shelly or Dizzy, I answer to either
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Nine was "my" doctor, and favorite is a toss up between Nine and Eleven
Favourite companion(s): Donna Noble
Favourite minor character(s): Joan Redfern, Sally Sparrow, Cassandra
Favourite ship(s): Oddly, I don't have one. I'm a very bad fan this way!
Some favourite episode(s): Empty Child/Doctor Dances, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Blink, The Runaway Bride, Silence in the Library, Turn Left, Amy's Choice, The Doctor and Vincent
Fic writer? What genres?: I love to write, but have never completed a fic
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Didn't do comms at LJ
Other Fandom(s): just about anything Whedon, esp. Buffy and Firefly, ESPECIALLY Firefly, heh.
Fez?: I wear a fez now
Anything else? A few weeks ago I was in Cardiff and geeked out. We were trying to find exactly where the Doctor Who Exhibition was, and I saw a guy dressed as Captain Jack, and we figured he HAD to know where it was so we followed him and he led us right to it! hehe
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posted by [personal profile] lurkingcat at 03:57pm on 14/09/2010
Heh! I've done the same sort of thing - I got lost on the way to a Babylon 5 con and wound up following a guy dressed in a Psi Corp uniform in the hopes of finding the right place. It worked too :)

Is it okay if I subscribe to your journal?
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posted by [personal profile] gehayi at 06:03am on 14/09/2010
Name: Gehayi
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Four was the first Doctor I saw. I don't really have a favorite Doctor. Of the ones I've seen, I like Three, Four, Five, Nine, Ten and Eleven. I can't stand the Colin Baker Doctor, and Seven and Eight were never aired where I live.
Favourite companion(s): With New Who? Donna Noble. I heart Donna Noble so much, and I HATE the ending she was given. With Classic Who? Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan Jovanka, Vislor Turlough.
Favourite minor character(s): Well, you can't call him a minor character, as he's a secondary in his own right, but I really love stories featuring the Master in any incarnation--Roger Delgado, the lich version played by Peter Pratt and Geoffrey Beavers, Anthony Ainley or John Simm. (I never saw the Eighth Doctor movie, so I can't comment on the Eric Roberts version.) Also, I like Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart, probably because I remember all of the UNIT stories back in the day. From New Who alone? Wilfred Mott and Reinette, who would have been outstanding companions for the Doctor, and Jenny, the Doctor's daughter.
Favourite ship(s): Rory/Amy! Because they're adorable together, and damn, Rory went through so MUCH to protect Amy for more than 2000 years. And even when she didn't remember him, she still missed him without knowing why. That's the way to play true love.

If you want to know who I ship the Doctor with...I don't ship the Doctor with anyone. Actually, I like it much better if he's NOT in a romantic or sexual relationship with his companions, because Old Who didn't ship the Doctor. Some of the fans did, but the show didn't. Consequently, I really, really, REALLY dislike Doctor/Rose. Rusty pushed it so damned hard, and romances between the Doctor and his companions feel consummately wrong to me.

That said, I don't get into shipping wars either. Ship who you want; that's your prerogative. What business is it of mine?
Some favourite episode(s): I'm going to take this Doctor by Doctor.

The Third Doctor: Spearhead from Space; The Claws of Axos; The Three Doctors.

The Fourth Doctor: Pyramids of Mars; The Masque of Mandragora; Image of the Fendahl; the Key to Time season; State of Decay; The Keeper of Traken.

The Fifth Doctor: Castrovalva; Kinda; Snakedance; The Black Guardian Trilogy; The Five Doctors; The Caves of Androzani.

The Sixth Doctor: The Twin Dilemma; The Mark of the Rani.

The Ninth Doctor: The End of the World; The Unquiet Dead; The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances; Boom Town; Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways.

The Tenth Doctor: School Reunion; The Girl in the Fireplace; The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit; The Shakespeare Code; Gridlock; Human Nature/Family of Blood; Blink; Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords; The Fires of Pompeii; The Doctor's Daughter; The Unicorn and the Wasp; Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead; Midnight.

The Eleventh Doctor: The Eleventh Hour; The Vampires of Venice (though I'm an oddball in that I feel sorry for the Saturnynians); Vincent and the Doctor.

Fic writer? What genres?: Yes, but I haven't written much in the Who fandom. Most of my stuff is gen, and I lean more toward action-adventure (with or without a little slashiness), historical AU, urban fantasy, and crossovers. I also like writing about minor (and often unpopular) characters rather than major ones. I rarely write love stories, and when I do, the love story is ALWAYS the B-plot; something else has to be going on, or I get bored stiff.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Didn't belong to any. I followed a Doctor Who through history ficathon even after I bailed on it, but that was about it.
Other Fandom(s): Former ones? Buffy, Highlander and Harry Potter. Present ones: Doctor Who, Shakespeare AUs and The Dresden Files (bookverse AND TV-verse). Eternal fandom? Star Trek TOS.
Fez?: It's exactly in keeping with the weird fashion sense of the Doctor. (Long scarves and celery in the lapel, anyone?)
Anything else? I'm disabled, I do a bit of freelance editing on the side, and I'm currently working on two novels of my own.
sharpest_asp: Sarah Jane and Three together (Doctor Who: Three and Sarah Jane)
posted by [personal profile] sharpest_asp at 01:25pm on 14/09/2010
I thought I was the only person in existence who did not like Colin as the Doctor. OF course, I didn't like him as the Gallifreyan guard either.
darthfangirl: the thirteenth doctor (doctor who - eleven watches amy & river)
posted by [personal profile] darthfangirl at 06:10am on 14/09/2010
Name: Corrie
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: I never quite know what people mean by "my Doctor." I'm tempted to just quote the Brig here and say "splendid chap, all of them." On the other hand, I was always one of those people who was only sort of joking when they said that the show jumped the shark when they went to color. At least, I was one of those people. And then Eleven happened. I don't think there's enough room here for me to fully convey how amazing he is. I'm just blown away by Matt Smith; how he can seem so old and so strange and yet so compelling is beyond me. He's so very alien and yet somehow he seems to really connect with people, even when they don't understand him at all (like Craig, for instance). And he's just wonderful with children- I really believe that he was a father once upon a time. He hasn't quite overtaken Troughton as my favorite (that's probably not possible, to tell the truth), but I daresay he has just edged McCoy out for number 2. And if you knew how much I love Seven you'd know that that is high praise indeed!
Favourite companion(s): Lets see: Barbara, Vicki, Sara Kingdom, Jamie, Zoe, Liz, the Brig, Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana (both), Tegan, Peri, Ace, Grace (shut up, I love her!), Mickey, Martha, Donna, Amy, River (I assume she counts). And those are just the televised ones.
Favourite minor character(s): Too many to list! I did quite love Liz 10 this past season though.
Favourite ship(s): What have you got? I'm a multishipper (and an OT3er) by nature, so I'll go along with most things. I don't really care for Ten except when he's paired with River though. And I'm a bit batshit about Two/Jamie and consider Doctor/Master and Doctor/Romana and Doctor/TARDIS canon.
Some favourite episode(s): Anything with Two is good. And seasons 16 - 17 and 25 - 26. And anything written by Steven Moffat.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: I haven't really used LJ for ages now, though I do sometimes look at doctoreleven and got_my_boys. But mostly I hang out here or on tumblr these days.
Other Fandom(s): Loads! My mom raised me in Star Trek fandom, and I was exposed to a ton of other geeky stuff growing up. Aside from Doctor Who my greatest love is probably MST3K, but I have lots of other interests too (though I do tend to only focus on one thing at a time).
Fez?: YES.
Anything else? I have a theory that Matt Smith secretly really is an alien (and so is Tom Baker, but obviously he's a different sort of alien). I mean, just look at this hot picture of him:
I'm telling you, that boy isn't normal. And I love him for it.
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posted by [personal profile] primsong at 05:13pm on 14/09/2010
Friend? *adds*
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posted by [personal profile] dbskyler at 06:15am on 14/09/2010
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor:"My Doctor" is Four, although I have a lot of affection for all of them. In terms of TV watching, I especially enjoy Two, Three, Four, Eight (yep, I'm talking TVM here), Ten and Eleven. My fanfic writing has been mostly for Ten, although other Doctors show up occasionally. I expect Eleven to start showing up more often in the future.
Favourite companion(s):As will be instantly obvious from a glance at my icons or my fanfic, my absolute favorite companion is Sarah Jane Smith. I first came across the show in the Four/Sarah years, so Sarah is "my companion" just as Four is "my Doctor," and that's never really changed. However, just as I like things about all the Doctors, I also like things about all the companions.
Favourite minor character(s):Gosh, there have been so many good ones over the years, haven't there? Definitely the Brig, plus Duggan, Bambera, Brannigan, Ross Jenkins, and lots of others.
Favourite ship(s):I'm not really a shipper, but I don't mind other people shipping as long as they're not fanatical about it. I do have great affection for Doctor/Sarah, but I ship them platonically (i.e., I love reading and writing about their friendship, but I don't see them as romantically involved).
Some favourite episode(s):Three Doctors, Pyramids of Mars, Brain of Morbius, Armageddon Factor, City of Death, Mawdryn Undead, Two Doctors, School Reunion, Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, Fires of Pompeii, Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead, Midnight, Waters of Mars, Eleventh Hour, Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone, Pandorica Opens / Big Bang, and tons of others.
Fic writer? What genres?:Yes. I tend to write G-rated genfic, mostly character studies, missing scenes, angst, fluff, humor and crack.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ:sarahjane_fic, doctorwho, loves_them_all, and I just recently started lurking on doctoreleven.
Other Fandom(s):I pretty much stick to Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures in my journal and my fanfic, although I also enjoy other shows and will occasionally blog about them. The two non-Whoniverse shows that I have blogged about most often are Merlin and Big Bang Theory. Others may come and go without notice.
Fez?:Everything is better with a fez!
Anything else?I'm still unsure about how things are going to shake down in terms of my use of my new Dreamwidth account vs. my LJ account. However, my entries tend to be public, so people can access me at both places, and I'll definitely make at least some use of cross-posting, especially for things like fanfic. As for the rest, I just honestly don't know yet. Things are still evolving. But if you want to come evolve with me, you're very welcome to do so!
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Name: Sandra
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: I have only seen the new series so Nine is my doctor and also my favorite. I do love Eleven as well :)
Favourite companion(s): Donna Noble
Favourite minor character(s): Donna's grandfather, Wilfred! I also like Tim from 'The Family of Blood'
Favourite ship(s): none
Some favourite episode(s): The End of the World, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Father's Day --most of Series 1 actually XD I also like Human Nature/The Family of Blood, Gridlock, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, Midnight. Then The Beast Below, Vincent and the Doctor, and The Lodger XD
Fic writer? What genres?: no
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [community profile] who_daily, [community profile] doctoreleven. Sadly I wasn't in fandom yet when [community profile] nine_love was still active
Other Fandom(s): Asian entertainment (music, dramas, films), TV shows like Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Supernatural, Rizzoli & Isles, Psych... Also into anime and manga though I'm not as active in those fandoms. I am quite a fannish person and am open to checking out new ones :)
Fez?: Looks okay on Eleven and Amelia. I neither hate it nor love it
Anything else? First friending meme here on DW! I am quite opinionated and can get passionate with my views sometimes but I love discussions and reading about other views. Helps me learn new things :)
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Name: Charamei
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Ten, and Two.
Favourite companion(s): My favourite team is Two/Zoe/Jamie. I'm also fond of Ian and Barbara, all of Four's lot, Ace and Donna.
Favourite minor character(s): I'm not sure if the Brigadier counts as minor or not... also, Wilf.
Favourite ship(s): Doctor/Romana (all/all), Doctor/Master. Though I tend not to read either because there's not much good asexual Who around.
Some favourite episode(s): The Gunfighters is probably one of the funniest; Mind Robber and Brain of Morbius are both love. And The Next Doctor is one of my favourite New Who episodes.
Fic writer? What genres?: Yes, and gen. Well, gen and asexual romance. (My fic directory is here).
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: N/A: I live on Dreamwidth. I do crosspost to [ profile] dwfiction, though.
Other Fandom(s): Sherlock, Randall and Hopkirk (deceased).
Fez?: Yes, please. I'll have the one Seven wears briefly in Silver Nemesis XD
Anything else? I also tend to meta at new episodes and review the books.
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What do you mean by "asexual romance"?
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Name: Patricia or Pat or Nentari
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Two is both My Doctor and my favourite Doctor. Three and Eleven quickly follow in the favourite category.
Favourite companion(s): Jamie McCrimmon!
Favourite minor character(s): The wonderful and absolutely adorable John Benton.
Favourite ship(s): Two/Jamie, Six/Jamie (any Doctor/Jamie, in fact, apart from One/Jamie and Ten/Jamie)
Some favourite episode(s): The Daleks' Masterplan, Evil of the Daleks, The Mind Robber, The Invasion, The War Games, The Daemons, The Curse of Peladon, Planet of the Spiders (well, the final minutes, anyway), Horror of Fang Rock, The Caves of Androzani, The Two Doctors, Trial of a Time Lord, Vincent and the Doctor
Fic writer? What genres?: Mainly gen, but with enough subtext that people might see them as shipfics if they so wish. I'm an odd fic writer, as I like to work on ideas commonly used on badfics and try to make something readable out of them, my Doctor Who experience having resulted in a series of adventures of a female Fourteenth Doctor.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: doctoreleven, ohfiddle (well I'm a mod of the latter, so I'm a bit biased on that aspect :P)
Other Fandom(s): M*A*S*H, maily, though there are others
Fez?: Yes, please!
Anything else? Bowties are cool.
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I love your taste in Doctors. :-)
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Name: Kathryn A.
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: I'm not sure what you mean by "your Doctor". The first Doctor I saw was Four. My favourite Doctor is a tie between Nine, Eight and Five. Followed closely by Four, Ten, Seven and Eleven. "Marvellous chap, all of them."
Favourite companion(s): Sarah-Jane, Romana, Martha, Donna, Ace, Leela
Favourite minor character(s): The Brigadier, Jenny
Favourite ship(s): More of a friendshipper than a shipper. But for "ship" ships, I'd have Doctor/Romana, Rory/Amy; to a lesser degree, Nine/Rose (not Ten/Rose) and Ten/Martha. That doesn't stop me reading other ships, but there are some I simply don't get, such as Seven/Ace.
Some favourite episode(s): The Robots of Death, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Curse of Fenric, Dalek, Survival, Vincent and the Doctor, City of Death, Blink, Pyramids of Mars, The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, Kinda + Snakedance
Fic writer? What genres?: Yes. Mostly gen, mix of Classic and New. Crossovers too. I have the same handle on Teaspoon as here.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [ profile] calufrax, [ profile] crossing_who, [ profile] metatardis
Other Fandom(s): Too many to name, really. Blake's 7 is my first love. Harry Potter SS/HG is my most recent obsession. Others include Stargate SG-1, Highlander, The Sentinel, LotR, Labyrinth, The Pretender... I've recently discovered NCIS and Bones.
Fez?: I vote top hat.
Anything else? I have two sonic screwdrivers.
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"Your Doctor" is the one that you were first exposed to, the one that first formed your idea of who the Doctor "is". They may or may not remain your favorite as you meet others, but they hold a special place as the One that Started it All for you.

Your name is familiar - I've seen some of your fic at the 'spoon, will have to go take a look again.
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Name: lurkingcat / Cat
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Five was the first Doctor that I remember sitting down to watch on the telly. Some of the Tom Baker episodes are weirdly familiar when I watch them now so I'm guessing that I got to see some Four when Mum was out for the evening and Dad was in charge but Five's the first one that I really remember :) I like what I've seen of Two and I'm very fond of Seven, Nine and Eleven
Favourite companion(s): Tegan, Nyssa, Ace, Martha, Amy... ooh, does Rory count now as well?
Favourite minor character(s): Not sure what counts as minor here. Recurring character but not a companion? In that case River Song and the Brigadier.
Favourite ship(s): Weirdly this is the one fandom where I don't really ship. Apparently my brain likes to pretend that I'm still seven when it watches this show.
Some favourite episode(s): The Awakening, Paradise Towers, Blink, The Beast Below, The Pandorica Opens, and I'm not good at remembering episode titles so I'll just stop there or I'll be listing things like "The one where Five has just regenerated and Tegan and Nyssa are pushing him around in a box made of bits of the Tardis", which several people have told me the name of and it still hasn't stuck...
Fic writer? What genres?: Nope. Just a reader. Having said that I'm not particularly shippy for this show I'll happily read ship-based fic though :)
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Who fandom looked a bit big and scary over there so I never did sign up for anything. The smaller pond over here seems nice and friendly though.
Other Fandom(s): Marvel and DC comics, Merlin, Stargate, Neil Gaiman, Pern, Sapphire and Steel, Gatchaman, Babylon 5, anything that Diana Wynne Jones has ever written, and... too much to list. I sort of collect fandoms as a hobby.
Fez?: I'm with River and Amy on this one but the Doctor has always had an, um, odd fashion sense.
Anything else? Hi, I'm Cat. I also own two cats so life gets a bit confusing in our household sometimes ("Argh! Stupid cat!" "What did I do this time?!" "Not you! That one!") I'm kind of a bit a lot shy but it's nice to meet you all.
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Fivey! Good chap, and it looks like he's in good company in your head as well. And I would say Rory certainly counts. Friending!
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Name: Jennie
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: The first doctor I saw was Tom, but Colin is My Doctor.
Favourite companion(s): Zoe and Jamie, Liz Shaw, Amy Pond.
Favourite minor character(s):
Favourite ship(s): Six/Ainley Master, Six/Davros (yes, I am sick), Brig/Benton
Some favourite episode(s):One for each Doctor who had more than one: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Mind Robber, The Daemons, Horror of Fang Rock, Caves of Androzani, Vengeance on Varos, Battlefield, Dalek, Midnight, Vincent and the Doctor.
Fic writer? What genres?: I don't do a lot of fic these days.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Tends to be the little ones like Five Rounds Rapid and Legs of Science.
Other Fandom(s): Star Trek (especially original series), Sherlock (books, Brett, new series), Politics (I'm a Lib Dem), Top Gear, QI, Real ale, ancient horror movies with Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing/Vincent Price in, Pratchett, motorbikes
Fez?: Tommy Cooper
Anything else? I have flu. It is icky. There is snot.
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I definitely need more Six fans on my flist. Friends?
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Name: [personal profile] eponymous_rose
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: My first Doctor was Nine, and my favourite tends to be Nine, Three, Eight, Eleven... well, any Doctor I've been watching lately. ;)
Favourite companion(s): Ooh, don't make me list them all! I'm sure to miss a bunch, so an incomplete list: Vicki, Ian, Barbara, Jamie, Zoe, Liz, Jo, Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana, Tegan, Nyssa, Peri, Ace, Rose, Mickey, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, Charley, Hex, Evelyn, Erimem... and the list goes on.
Favourite minor character(s): I forgot to say River Song up there, even though she's not a minor character, is she? Liz X, many others from Classic Who I am forgetting because I'm terrible with names.
Favourite ship(s): I'm big on gen, but I've also seen pretty much any pairing you can imagine done really well. I also enjoy multi-era pairings.
Some favourite episode(s): The Aztecs, The Romans, The Mind Robber, Spearhead from Space, Inferno, The Ark in Space, Genesis of the Daleks, Pyramids of Mars, The Deadly Assassin, City of Death, The Caves of Androzani, Battlefield, Rose, Smith and Jones, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Blink, Utopia, Time Crash, Midnight, Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor. Which all goes to remind me that it's time for a rewatch, surely.
Fic writer? What genres?: Yup! I write genfic, for the most part, and it tends to be either little characters studies or multi-era action/adventure stuff.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [ profile] who_daily!
Other Fandom(s): Treks (DS9, TOS, XI, TNG), Stargate SG-1, a whole bunch of other assorted shows.
Fez?: I hear all the cool kids are wearing them.
Anything else?
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I could watch that gif for hours, hee!
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Name: Val.
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: My Doctor was Ten, but I loved Nine with all my heart <3
Favourite companion(s): Martha was my favourite, but Donna was absolutely amazing, so she gets the second place ;)
Favourite minor character(s): K-9 and Mickey the Idiot.
Favourite ship(s): Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, Master/Ten, Jack/Nine... I ship everyone with everyone, I'm not picky :D
Some favourite episode(s): YOU CAN'T ASK ME TO PICK!!! *cries*
Fic writer? What genres?: Yes, but not much on the Doctor. Maybe when I'll feel brave enough...
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: I didn't follow any.
Other Fandom(s): Criminal Minds, Buffy, Dr Horrible, Glam RPF, NCIS, Torchwood, Harry Potter and more.
Fez?: Yes please!
Anything else? This made me giggle :D
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'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Mine as in first? Four like a lot of Americans my age. My favorite changes on my mood, but both Three and Seven duke it out regularly, while Nine moseys around and says Fascinating a lot.
Favourite companion(s): Leela, Sarah Jane, Ace, K-9, Liz, and the Not-Companion: The Brigadier
Favourite minor character(s): I'm not sure how to define this...Maybe the Time Lords themselves for being such a parody at times
Favourite ship(s): Until New Who, I didn't truly ship, not in the 'they're doing it' way. But Three or Four/Sarah, and Seven/Ace (after a bit of time) and Nine/Rose crept in as real, loving ships. However, I am one who yelled at my TV when Eight kissed HER! Because Companions aren't for Kissing! (I broke that habit, I think)
Some favourite episode(s): Five and the Master stories. Five and Tegan strong episodes. Ace learning episodes. Jo being her inimitable self!
Fic writer? What genres?: I haven't been much in the online fandom, to be honest. I browse here and there. Anything that hits my fancy that day.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Wasn't in them. Sadly, my Fannish experience with Who dates to the very early 80s when my dad and I were in the Companions of Doctor Who fan club...
Other Fandom(s): Too many to list.
Fez?: No fez.
Anything else? Hi everyone...will probably be lurking those of you who write Classic Who. No slight on New, but I never really moved past the first two series of the New Who.
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Name: Jenni
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: I have arbitrarily decided that Eight is MY DOCTOR, and he is also my favourite on the days when my favourite isn't Two or Eleven.
Favourite companion(s): ALL OF THEM. Er, I mean... New Who: Amy, Martha. Classic Who: Ace, Zoe, Barbara, Liz, Polly, Romana. Spin offs: Anji, Fitz, Benny, Erimem, Hex
Favourite minor character(s): The Brigadier! Also Duggan and Amelia Rumford, and Liz X
Favourite ship(s): I ship most ships, to be honest. Here is a random list of ones I like the idea of: Eleven/Amy/Rory, Eight/Polly, Martha/Liz, Fitz/Rose, Grace/Romana, Eight/Harry, Ace/Rose, Martha/Romana, Anji/Benny, Liz/Jo, Eight/Fitz, Peri/Erimem, Ace/Hex, Eight/Brigadier
Some favourite episode(s): Vincent and the Doctor, The End of the World, Curse of Fenric, City of Death, The Ark in Space, Genesis of the Daleks, The Invasion, The Mind Robber, The Sea Devils, The Gunfighters, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The End of the World... I love the books so I couldn't not include a few of them too: The City of the Dead, History 101, Earthworld, The Also People, Life During Wartime.
Fic writer? What genres?: Occasionally! Mostly gen, mostly classic
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: [ profile] who_daily and [ profile] dw_femslash
Other Fandom(s): Leverage! Plus I am working my way through Legend of the Seeker and looking forward to new Spooks.
Fez?: I should like a hat like that.
Anything else?
gif of Amy and the Doctor giving each other a thumbs up and making faces
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You have excellent taste in both Doctors and companions, and I am always keen on people who multi-ship, because it means we're almost guaranteed to have a ship in common. (And in this case, we do! I love Eleven/Amy/Rory, Martha/Romana and Ace/Hex and also rather like Ace/Rose.) Also, The Curse of Fenric is amazing, and anyone who likes it is automatically made of win in my book. Friends?
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