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Look, can I barge in and say hi?

I tried to find Who fandom on DW a year ago and... well, let's just say it was a less than successful experiment.

I'm a 46-year-old Whovian who got lured back into fandom about 4 years ago thanks to Big Finish, so I've essentially missed most of new Who apart from Capaldi and bits of Series 1. (I didn't mean to miss out, but grad school, health problems and life meant that before I'd blinked, there were several seasons of new Who to catch up on. While I approved of it, I never quite Got Around To It. And at this rate I may never get back to Seasons 2-7, because Big Finish Happens So Much) I love Capaldi best of the new Doctors, because he reminds me of the old Doctors, although I occasionally tear my hair at what they make him do. Love Gomez!Master; she's Ainley!Master in drag only a bit more Delgado-charismatic and batshit insane. Adore Bill Potts. My first Doctor/companion were Pertwee and Jo, but there really isn't a classic companion or Doctor I don't love, though I have favorites.

So anyway, that's me. What I have to offer fandom is:

-- dino memories of  late 70s/1980s Who in the states (although sadly I wasn't in the con/fandom circuit then)
-- I started recording Doctor Who on audiocassette; I recorded all 26 years on VHS
-- I have the Peter Haining books which were our TARDIS Wikia before the web existed
-- humanities major offering critique/commentary while recognizing we may love/dislike different eras of Who
-- oldie who tends to ignore fandom squabbles because don't got time for that
-- I go to a couple cons now, LI and Regen, so perhaps I'll see you?
-- My Big Finish review site, which I won't shill here, and of course my fic, ditto; that's what profiles are for. 
Oh, and the MAIN WHO NEWS THING I WANTED TO SAY. now has all classic Who LEGALLY AVAILABLE via streaming service, $7/mo in the US. About flipping time; I've emailed the Beeb and Doctor Who about a streaming service for years. They should've done it during the hiatus, but better late than never. Caveat: they're missing a few Dalek serials— I suspect licensing issues— as well as The Five Doctors and the 1996 movie, but they've got all other complete serials from Hartnell through McCoy plus the unaired pilot version of Unearthly Child, Adventure in Time and Space, and a few other features. Also a fair amount of other good classic British TV including lots of mysteries (Campion with Peter Davison and the Jeremy Brett Holmes recommended), Eastenders, Red Dwarf, Upstairs, Downstairs, and a bunch of other good stuff (but not Blake's 7, the Avengers, or Python. Hopefully soon.) 

I think we need to support Britbox so they'll keep it up and, hopefully, expand it for Whovians in other countries to enjoy. Because fans deserve inexpensive ways to sample ALL of Who, past and present. (Speaking of which, I've also posted a linked index of all the free Big Finish Doctor Who audios on Spotify, uploaded by Big Finish, so they, too, are legal.) 
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Britbox looks great! Thanks for the heads-up about it.
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I started recording Doctor Who on audiocassette; I recorded all 26 years on VHS

Good gravy! How much shelf space did that take up?
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I clicked on the image URL in the notification, so I saw.

Well, anyway, it was a thing back then: fans all recorded off TV because you never knew when, if ever, it would rerun again. And then we'd have parties and share tapes.

Well, yeah; I had shelves of MST3K the same way, and Red Dwarf (I wasn't into DW at the time).
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BritBox looks like an amazing service. There is so much more available to us now, thanks to streaming! Our household ditched cable TV about 8 years back, and it was difficult for a while without reliable new!Who watching till the DVDs came out. Amazon Prime has fixed this problem for me, and until they left Netflix and Hulu, I was watching older episodes on those services (mostly because I was too lazy to get a DVD from the shelf).

Big Finish on Spotify? Oooh! That is a good reason to sign-up for the service - I've been using Pandora for years, and seen no real reason to add another service to my list. But Big Finish is a definite plus. I've only ever listened to Zagreus, and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for the info!
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You're making me so jealous of not living in the US (and I never said I'd say that), because Classic Who is my big pending task and it's impossible to watch it legally in my country unless you buy the DVDs (which I can't afford, and anyway they're so many).

Thanks as well for the Big Finish on Spotify list! I have some from free downloads via Doctor Who Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue, but I haven't got around yet at listening them (I guess I fear they will speak too fast for me to understand? God knows I have difficulties with Capaldi sometimes). This will be useful for when I finally decide to pop my BF's cherry :P