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There are some pics of cosplayers at the bottom of the article. Most reviews are of the panels in the Gallifrey (Doctor Who) and Otherwords (general sf/fantasy) track rooms, along with reviews of some of the actor and writer guests in the ballroom (Main Programing).
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Poll #18401 Extremis
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25 (73.5%)

nay :(
7 (20.6%)

Other; please specify
2 (5.9%)

Religion in Who?

13 (40.6%)

nay :(
12 (37.5%)

Other, please specify
7 (21.9%)

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I am away from home again this week, so have not yet seen Oxygen. Luckily I am not a spoilerphobe (it was quite hard walking out of the house to the train station while the theme tune was playing though...)

Poll #18370 Oxygen
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32 (88.9%)

nay :(
4 (11.1%)

Other; please specify
0 (0.0%)

Even MOAR Traditional classic Who era politics?

29 (87.9%)

nay :(
0 (0.0%)

Other, please specify
4 (12.1%)

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The Radio Times has added Luke Treadaway to the list of actors rumoured to be up for playing the 13th Doctor. Google that and Sacha Dhawan also comes up as a possible contender.

Ignoring Dhawan's earlier link with the Whoniverse (he played Waris Hussein, one of the first directors to work on Doctor Who in 1963, in "An Adventure in Space and Time") I'm amused that if it's Treadaway he, like Pearl Mackie, will have come to the show having been in the stage production of "The Curious Case of the Dog in the Nightime" and, if it's Dhawan, he was a History Boy, like Matt Smith before him.

All hail the N.T. (National Theatre)
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I am behind on everything at the minute, and only had a chance to see Knock, Knock earlier today!

I am though slowly getting back into the knack of meta/reviewing and, as I'm not blogging at the moment, I'm sticking these up on AO3. If you're interested they are here: The Pilot, Smile, & Thin Ice.

Thanks. Comments are always welcome...
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It doesn't seem like anybody's posted any meta here in awhile, but in the interest of supporting the growth of Who fandom on DW, thought I would link you all to my (slightly sketchy and unpolished--my apologies) musings on Knock Knock:

Madwoman in the Attic Basement

Warning: hardcore literary geekery ahead, including discussion of Knock Knock as a gothic novel, a comparison of Moffat To T.S. Eliot, and an analysis of how a popular supposition of who's in the vault would fit into the show's symbolism.
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I went to a thing instead of watching Who last night, and watched it on iPlayer when I got home, very drunk, so only have the vaguest impressions of what happened and am going to watch it again later. However! This need not stop polls!

Poll #18331 Knock Knock
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Knock Knock

Who's There?
17 (51.5%)

Yes, that's right
16 (48.5%)

I'll try that again: Knock Knock

21 (65.6%)

nay :(
7 (21.9%)

Other, please specify
4 (12.5%)

Poirot with Harold Wilson's hair?

13 (40.6%)

nay :(
1 (3.1%)

Who's Poirot?
1 (3.1%)

Who's Harold Wilson?
10 (31.2%)

This poll is just getting silly now.
7 (21.9%)

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What did we reckon? Spoiler: I loved it so much I haven't done my usual instant reaction post because I want to write something longer.

Poll #18292 Thin Ice
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Thin Ice

39 (95.1%)

nay :(
1 (2.4%)

other, please specify
1 (2.4%)


40 (100.0%)

nay :(
0 (0.0%)

other, please specify
0 (0.0%)

Obvious Politics in Who

37 (92.5%)

nay :(
0 (0.0%)

other, please specify
3 (7.5%)

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[community profile] calufrax, the fic recommendations community for stories hosted on A Teaspoon And An Open Mind, is looking for reccers. All fans of fic for Doctor Who and its related media are welcome no matter whether you've recced with us before or have never even heard of us!

If you're interested, please sign up – and definitely take a look at our updated rules in the rules and sign-up post, because you can now rec some previously recced fics! Teaspoon has been around long enough that there are gems on the site newer fans may never have seen, so now is your chance to share your favorite stories.

Questions? Drop me a line here or in the sign-up post.
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There's been a couple of times in episodes where he's done a sudden mad grin and I've thought "that's very Tom", and then I was scrolling through the f-list this morning and saw this:

Peter Capaldi looking like Tom Baker

and genuinely did a double take. The wicked, crinkly, mischievous TOMNESS of that is just off-the-scale as far as I am concerned.

What do you guys think?

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Is Capaldi becoming more Tom-like?

View Answers

Yes! I've been thinking this too!
14 (41.2%)

Hmmm... maybe
8 (23.5%)

You're talking rubbish again, Rigg
2 (5.9%)

But WHY are all the ticky boxes gone?
10 (29.4%)


3 4