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posted by [personal profile] dizzyellie at 05:55am on 14/09/2010
Name: Shelly or Dizzy, I answer to either
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: Nine was "my" doctor, and favorite is a toss up between Nine and Eleven
Favourite companion(s): Donna Noble
Favourite minor character(s): Joan Redfern, Sally Sparrow, Cassandra
Favourite ship(s): Oddly, I don't have one. I'm a very bad fan this way!
Some favourite episode(s): Empty Child/Doctor Dances, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Blink, The Runaway Bride, Silence in the Library, Turn Left, Amy's Choice, The Doctor and Vincent
Fic writer? What genres?: I love to write, but have never completed a fic
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Didn't do comms at LJ
Other Fandom(s): just about anything Whedon, esp. Buffy and Firefly, ESPECIALLY Firefly, heh.
Fez?: I wear a fez now
Anything else? A few weeks ago I was in Cardiff and geeked out. We were trying to find exactly where the Doctor Who Exhibition was, and I saw a guy dressed as Captain Jack, and we figured he HAD to know where it was so we followed him and he led us right to it! hehe
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posted by [personal profile] lurkingcat at 03:57pm on 14/09/2010
Heh! I've done the same sort of thing - I got lost on the way to a Babylon 5 con and wound up following a guy dressed in a Psi Corp uniform in the hopes of finding the right place. It worked too :)

Is it okay if I subscribe to your journal?
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posted by [personal profile] dizzyellie at 09:01pm on 14/09/2010
LOL, I love fandom. If you get lost, just look for someone cosplaying. Better than GPS!

Feel free to subscribe. My journal's not too interesting right now, but I hope to start filling it up. Mind if I subscribe back? You had me at your user name, hee.
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posted by [personal profile] lurkingcat at 10:16pm on 14/09/2010
Subscribe away :) I'm trying to lurk a little less and talk to the world a little more this year hence the participation in the friending meme and also more public posts on the journal, but yes - if the username fits then use it...


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