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Name: Jennie
'Your Doctor' plus your Favourite Doctor: The first doctor I saw was Tom, but Colin is My Doctor.
Favourite companion(s): Zoe and Jamie, Liz Shaw, Amy Pond.
Favourite minor character(s):
Favourite ship(s): Six/Ainley Master, Six/Davros (yes, I am sick), Brig/Benton
Some favourite episode(s):One for each Doctor who had more than one: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Mind Robber, The Daemons, Horror of Fang Rock, Caves of Androzani, Vengeance on Varos, Battlefield, Dalek, Midnight, Vincent and the Doctor.
Fic writer? What genres?: I don't do a lot of fic these days.
Favourite Who communities back at LJ: Tends to be the little ones like Five Rounds Rapid and Legs of Science.
Other Fandom(s): Star Trek (especially original series), Sherlock (books, Brett, new series), Politics (I'm a Lib Dem), Top Gear, QI, Real ale, ancient horror movies with Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing/Vincent Price in, Pratchett, motorbikes
Fez?: Tommy Cooper
Anything else? I have flu. It is icky. There is snot.

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